Fillet Edge (Solid) – suggestion

Hello all,

This is an ease of use suggestion for the edit handles function. Often you want to edit the value of a whole edge in one go. Currently, you have to adjust each end of an edge separately. It would be great if you could select the whole edge and change its value across its length in one go!

Or is it possible to do this at the moment?


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Hi Sach - you can window or shift-select multiple handles and set the radii at once. Does that help?


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Hi Pascal, I missed that one! Thanks.
I still think it would be better if you could ‘one-click’ the edge.

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The SetAll and LinkHandles options may be what you are looking for.

Rhinoceros Help - FilletEdge | Rhino 3-D modeling (

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Thanks Steven.

Is it possible to assign different values to different edges with this option?

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I haven’t found a way to do this as easily as when the values are initially set. Maybe the SelectEdges option should override any currently assigned radii. In 8.7, even unselecting then reselecting the edges doesn’t honor the NextRadius value.

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Makes sense to default to the most used type of fillet; constant or variable.

Would be good to get general consensus, but I imagine most scenarios require constant radii fillets (with ability for different values per edge). Therefore, that should be the default – start and end handles (per edge) are ‘linked’. Changing one does the whole edge. If you want a variable fillet, then you could ‘unlink’ the handles.

Perhaps there could be a ‘link’ toggle in the options, plus keyboard deselect, CTRL? (Default is linked)

At the moment the variable radii option takes precedent and having to override with shift, or window select is tiresome, especially when filleting multiple edges!

So basically, switching it around!


Does anyone know a more efficient way to change the R20 to R10?

Notice that all 3 edges, consisting of R30, R20, and R10, display as R10 during SelectEdges editing. I guess this is a bug.

Change_R20_to_R10.3dm (125.9 KB)

8.7.24138.15431, 2024-05-17

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I’m not sure what you mean. Looks like you chose to select edges and it defaulted to R10? It must’ve maintained selection but wiped your parameters?

That looks very frustrating. It’s the equivalent of parametric bugs modeling as apposed to parametric modeling.

The three 10’s displayed didn’t change any of the radius values. I expect all the edges to display their current radius value.

To change the R20 to R10, I:

  1. _FilletEdge Edit
  2. Picked the polysurface. Enter
  3. SelectEdges
  4. Ctrl-picked the R20 edge. Enter
  5. SelectEdges
  6. Set the radius value, but 10 was already set.
  7. Picked the edge. Enter. Enter

The incorrect radii are indeed being shown and I have made a YouTrack item for this