Fillet edge/surface

Hi All,

I am having trouble filleting the edge of this seat cushion. I want right side to look like the left, but when I try using fillet edge, it doesn’t trim it nicely and leaves the filleted surface. Any suggestions on what I might do? Here are the models, one without unfilleted, and with the failed fillet.

cushionExample.3dm (534.1 KB) CushionFilleted.3dm (596.6 KB)

Hi Chub- the problem is that because of the angles - sides not parallel, the fillets you’ve already got in place have, at the edges, radius very slightly less than 1 where you are trying to add fillets. You can’t fillet an edge that has a smaller radius than the fillet being added. Adding yout fillets at .95 rather than 1 should work.