Fillet Edge behavior for Fillet Corner

I like how you can dynamically preview the edge fillet of a solid… but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with wires/polylines in a 2D manner. The best I can find is FilletCorner but that seems like you have to input a distance and accept the command, but if you don’t like it you have top undo and keep guessing and checking.

If there a better way to do this with wires?


They are different commands and they operate on different objects.
I think your suggesting would meet with howls of anger for the extra mouse and keyboard clicks that would be added to the curve filleting command.

FilletEdge supports different fillet radius values for the surface creation. Filleting 2 curves is pretty straight forward.

You could use the TTR Circle and as you drag the cursor, see the different sizes displayed on the Status bar.
Then Trim the resulting curves and Join them.