Fillet issue in Mac

After applying a fillet to some surfaces, there remains a portion at the ends that is the original corner angle of the unselected surfaces.
I’d upload an image, but I don’t see any means to do so.

That sounds like there wasn’t enough space for the fillet to trim and join with an adjacent surface.

Upload images and files by clicking the cloud icon with the up arrow on it when typing a post. The key combo for this is also ctrl+g

Here’s a screen shot

I think you might be using FilletSrf and not FilletEdge. Try the latter please to check if that works for you on your model. Post the 3dm if not and let me know the command you’re running specifically and I’ll try to help more.

Yes indeed, that’s the command I used. I don’t however see any alternative in the drop down that contains fillet surface. Where does fillet edge reside - and why not have it in the same menu as fillet surface?

FilletEdge is in the Solid pull-down menu because if only works on Joined surface edges.
FilletSrf is in the Surface pull-down menu because it only works on a pair of unjoined surfaces.
Fillet is in the Curve pull-down menu because it only works on curves.

Think of FilletSrf as a surface modeling tool that doesn’t care about any adjacent surfaces other than the two you pick. This is why the surface at the end of the box isn’t trimmed.

Okay, I understand that but I don’t find it in the solid tools menu - does one jus use the variable radius fillet tool for that purpose?

Update - I see the icon for fillet edge but it’s called “variable radius fillet / variable radius blend” when hovered over. So I guess that’s it. BTW - the more I learn the more I like about this program. How much should I be saving up for the release?

How much do you want to pay? :smiling_imp: