Fillet all


I have here an extremely complex model and I want to use fillet on all its edges when finishing the modeling

The problem is that I have to do surface by surface which is very time consuming

Is there a way to fillet all surfaces at once automatically to save time?
I already tried to select everything and apply the fillet at one time, but several edges are not transformed

thank you

It depends on what you want to do with the model afterwards. One option is to use ApplyEdgeSoftening command, which softens the edges of the render mesh. Then, use ExtractRenderMesh and you have a “filleted” mesh representation of the model. Of course, this is a quick trick and will not fillet the actual model. But it looks good :smile:

Hi bilico - if you are using FilletSrf for the one-by-one process, and the model is joined up, you might look at FilletEdge for at least some of the work. Not sure if that is what you mean…


In fact I wanted to fillet several objects at once

Does FilletEdge do this?

thank you

Hi bilico - it does - make two boxes, start FilletEdge and window select around both boxes - that should work - all selected joined edges should at least try to fillet…


I often try to apply FilletEdge to an object and it does not work

What am I doing wrong?
I think it does not have border space to apply FilletEdge

Can you solve this situation?

Well, FilletEdge certainly has its limitations - it cannot, for example, create fillets that connect faces that are not on the selected edge; it cannot jump across a face - if you can post an example of a case that fails, I can take a look.