Fillet along an edge in a plane quickly?

Ok, I draw a series of curves in a single plane, join them into a closed curve, then extrude that planar curve into a solid.

Now I want to fillet around the top edge and the bottom edge.

Currently, I issue the fillet command and then have to proceed to click on every single curve original curve segment on that edge. Some of them are really small and hard to see.

Is there anyway to grab them all at once? Right now it’s an error-prone task that’s tedious, time-consuming and boring as all get out. And it seems like it should fast and easy.

Try ChainEdges…

Hi @david_wendelken
I can’t quite figure out if you are filleting the edges of the solid or the original curves. If it’s the first, you can simply use FilletEdge and window-drag across your object to select every single edge in the object. if you have very small edges, pay attention to the fact, that your radius can’t be smaller than thsoe edges. Rhino’s FilletEdge can’t eliminate faces.
If it’s the latter, you can use FilletCorners to fillet all corners of a polycurve/-line in one go.
HTH, Jakob

Hi David - use ChainEdges, or in this case the FaceEdges option.


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I tried the ChainEdges (all three variants) and none of them really worked for me. They kept wanting to leave the top edge and wander down the side to the bottom edge instead.

FaceEdges looks like it would work if I did it BEFORE I subtracted solids from the top and bottom surfaces.

I don’t want the interior edges on the top surface to be filleted, I want them to remain at 90 degree angles as I’ll be enameling in them after I turn this into a cast piece of silver (or gold if the design is successful).