Fillet 2 curves : Directly extract only the Arc


I was wondering if there is anyway where I can directly extract only the arcs of a fillet between 2 curves? Suppose that I have 2 curves that I want to fillet with a radius of 3. Is there a component that automatically calculates only the arcs formed from these 2 curves when filleted?

I already tried filleting the 2 curves and exploding then extracting the arc, unfortunately that takes too much calculating time in grasshopper when I have many many curves.

Fillet Experiment 2.3dm (151.1 KB)

There are some plugin features you can use… like Wombat. (9.0 KB)


Thank you so much, @HS_Kim . Do you want to take a crack at my other problem?

It’s similar but it’s the main reason why I’m trying to extract fillet arcs. I wanted to control somehow arcs of the Biarc component from 2 non planar curves such that it matches the radius of a planar version of those curves. It’s really hard. So far I can only control the curvature of the biarc by tinkering with the lengths of the curve.