Arc creation

Hi, I was having a go at creating a shape with grasshopper that I could have some fine control over the curvature for evaluation without having to repeatedly rebuild it, but seem to have reached the limits of my knowhow.

In rhino I created some arcs from 2 points and the radius to control the curvature - in grasshopper there seem to be 2 options to make arcs but I seem to need a combination of both to get the same result.
Using the Arc command seems like a pain to constrain it to the start/end points, Arc SED has no control over the shape/direction of the arc created, unless I am missing something?

That’s an attempt with the SED arcs - it feels like i’m missing something obvious but can’t see for controlling the inputs/output arc.



there is Arc CAB component in FabTools which does exactly that - creates an arc from 2 points and center.

Edit: Yeap, i see you want radius and 2 points as inputs, so it is not exactly what you wanted. But can be done like this or it should be coded, probably with just few lines… (9.9 KB)

If you’re aiming to rebuild/fit a curve to arcs, you might also implement this method:

It’s not often used, but if you want more control of the curvature Bezier Span might be worth playing with.

Thank you very much for the reply - that does seem to be working as I imagined!

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Thank you for the reply - that second version does seem to get the same result via a slightly different way. I am learning there are lots of ways to skin cats in Grasshopper!