Filling A solid between two solids

Hi, I have two solids with gap between them. I want to fill the gap with the solid area. Meaning top Edge of Solid joining the top edge for second solid. Same goes for bottom. I am adding images to explain. In the red is what I want to obtain

Hi Hamza -

As long as that would result in planar surfaces on the top and bottom (hard to tell from an image - always post the 3dm file), you should be able to run EdgeSrf on each set of green curves on either end, joining those with the polysurfaces that you have, and then running Cap to close it off.


Hi, sorry I’m a new user trying to explore, so I didn’t know that I should have posted 3dm file. Here’s the dwg file that I’m opening in rhino and want to achieve the functionality.

Hi -

In the future, please just post the file in the message - either simply drag-n-drop from Explorer or use the upload button…

I’m afraid that file is a bit of a mess…

There are a lot of very narrow surfaces in those two polysurfaces that you show in your picture. When I open the DWG file, the document tolerances are set to 0.001 units (which, I take, are meters) and at least one of the surfaces has an edge length of only 0.002 units. The document tolerance should be at least one order of magnitude tighter than the smallest feature in the file.

When I import the DWG file into a meters file with the tolerance set to 0.0001 units and run DupBorder on these, the SelSelfIntersectingCrv command will select one of these. IntersectSelf will report 6 self-intersections on this one. In these locations, the surfaces are overlapping each other.

At any rate, if you take the borders of those surfaces and explode, deselect the ones that I had marked green in my previous picture, and then join again, you can use those to create the polysurfaces that you need with the EdgeSrf command: