Fill an rectangular area with predefined elements



Hello dear grasshopper users,

I am currently working on a large scale facade and would like to solve the following problem:

let’s say I have defined a number of rectangular shaped blocks, in this case I have seven ,shaped like shown in the attached picture (1:1, 2:1, 1:2, )
Now I would like grasshopper to automatically create a random pattern which would fill out the large rectangle (In this case 17m X 110).
Is there already such a thing? I did not find something yet, I think I remember that David Rutten has worked a lot on this kind of problems…
I would be very thankful If someone can give me a hand here…

best regards


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… here is a version I made by hand, to illustrate the direction I am aiming…

and here is a build example that was my initial inspiration…

(Laurent Delrieu) #3

I think there are lot of discussions and examples on grasshopper forum.

Search, packing nesting, rectangle, uneven subdivision …

On your example I don’t understand how to fill 17 m with 6, 3, 1.5 ?

You could also use Substrate component from Grasshopper, but it will generate random rectangle. You will have to put angles to 0.

It is possible to Randomly arrange specific rectangle on surface in GH?
(Laurent Delrieu) #4

I add some difficulties to resist, as I prefer old Grasshopper forum I did an example of what you want, not exactly but it could be corrected.

You need anemone plugin, Human is not necessary just to draw black lines.
Have fun.