Irregularly sized rectangles in a surface

Hello everyone,
I’m very new to Grasshopper and am trying to learn how to use Grasshopper to help solve a paving design problem. We would like to divide a large area (the site) into smaller rectangular strips whose area is determined by the amount of material we have. These rectangular strips are all different widths and lengths so isotrim or random quad panels in Lunchbox aren’t helping us. We would also like each rectangular strip to be responsive to all the others so that when we adjust one, everything else readjusts and still remains within the site boundaries. We also have openings for plantings which we hope the script can account for. I’ve attached a sketch that gives a general idea of what we are trying to do. Grasshopper can handle a problem like this right? Can you let me know how you would start? Hopefully, with some advice on how to begin, we can take it from there. Thank you!

Grasshopper can handle this for sure. I would try to work with galapagos…
But check this out first:

Hey! Thanks for your reply. This is helpful. I’ve been searching for something like this! We will play with the rectangle false “packing” and galapagos and see where we get with it. Thanks so much!