It is possible to Randomly arrange specific rectangle on surface in GH?

Hi Guys,

I am new in Grasshopper, Need big help from you guys.

This is wall pattern design study.

Is it possible to randomly arrange specific size of rectangular in to area?

Please see image attached.
In image attached I am manually create, Actually It is not a random yet as you can see obviously repleting pattern.

I am try to search in many many ways, but still can’t fix this.

Thank your in advance. :pray::pray::pray:


although this problem looks simple, it is very difficult. If you say you are beginner I would rather say no.
I would go for an recursive approach. However more complex recursion can only be done by script. Without the ability code and knowledge about Rhinocommon you won’t have a chance. Maybe someone is sharing a script…
If your wall is of this size, solve it manually. That’s the most practical solution here.

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See this

What I don’t understand is that you didn’t find it. Before asking question it is always good to search with different keyword …

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