File Revert back after unexpected Restart at Rhino 6.0

I worked for a complicated project, I have saved for my every changes. But I did not close the file during the night. Because, as soon as I returned, I would continue. I may be saved 100 times during the work. But Windows has update and restarted by it self! The file I have opened it is reverted back 1 day before! How do I recover my previous work ?
B. Regards

Hi - do you have “Autosave” enabled in Rhino Options > Files?
If so, you will find earlier saved version in the Windows Recycle bin.

Hi, I always disable AutoSave. Because while I am working with the large files, It was not good experiences. I always save file as a habit from the every changes. even that I have saved, After restart, it revert file 1 day before. It was happens to me before twice maybe.

Hi - do you have Rhino Options > Files > Save > Create backup (*.3DMBAK) files when saving enabled?
If so, and you are saving more than once a day, you should have a more recent version available as a bak file.

Were all these in connection with a Windows update?
If you could find a repeatable pattern for this behavior, that would help.

I think this only happens after Windows Update.

Hello - were you able to locate the .3dmbak file of the same name in the same folder as the original ?


Hello, Yes I searched if there is any temp or *.3DMBAK files. Backup files were already old.
Thank your for help. Anyways I had to draw again.
B. Regards