Duplicate as Save As -type of action

Hi! I almost got used to Rhino’s way of Duplicate a file instead of Save As. But, when I duplicate, and want to change a location, I can’t rename file any more (so I have to cancel, rename, and then locate again. There could be name-field still in the top, to change it when I see the contents of target folder.

This is a Mac thing, not just Rhino. If you want Save as and not Duplicate, just press alt / Option when the file menu is selected.

You can do this all from the top filename area, move location and rename. Where is where you want the file to be.

This also is a Mac thing, not a Rhino specific thing.

IHTH «Randy

Yes, but if I choose “Other”, to locate the file in somewhere else, I can’t rename it again there. Sure I can come back, but it would be more user friendly if I could still change the name while choosing other location. I haven’t seen this in other Mac programs either, usually it’s “save as” -window, where I can both change location and name.

Any Mac software that uses Versions will have this.

So just rename first then choose Other.

Aa, ok. Thanks, I don’t use much those aplications. Good to know :slight_smile: