File Import Plugin - Not working on one computer

I have some import and export plugins that add several file types to Rhino’s open/import and save/export dialogs. They work on all but one co-workers computer. In this case the plugins load, but the file types are not added (this is Rhino 7). In Rhino 6 the behavior on this machine was that the file types would be listed once in a Rhino session, but on a second save or open operation they would no longer be listed. I’m bit baffled on how to debug this. Any ideas on how to approach this would be appreciated.

When this happens, no file types are listed in the plugin manager.


Check the registry on a computer that works and does not work. Specifically, look at the keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-Ins.
In the list of registered plug-ins, you should find your plug-in after the first use.

I assume you drag the RHP file onto Rhino? If so, after you close Rhino there should be an entry in this list. If not, check your plug-in GUID. It should be found in the AssemblyInfo.cs file.

[assembly: Guid("E0FECCA1-47FC-4CE3-ACFA-6E5FCA33CBE3")] // This will also be the Guid of the Rhino plug-in

Furthermore, you should have the PlugInDescription stuff like so:

[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Address, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Country, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Email, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Phone, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Fax, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.Organization, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.UpdateUrl, "TODO")]
[assembly: PlugInDescription(DescriptionType.WebSite, "TODO")]

I’ve been using the plugin manager to install them. I checked my assembly info files and realized the export plugins are missing the PluginDescription attributes. I’m checking to see if the import plugin functions correctly on this machine, as that had the PluginDescription entries. The export plugins have worked elsewhere (and for years going back to Rhino 4) even without these entries. I’ll post a follow up when I know more.

Thanks, @menno !