Import does not use selected file type

I have a two plug-ins that both read files with extension “.dat”.

When I open (Ctrl+O) a DAT file and select the correct file type, the correct plug-in gets used. When I import (Ctrl+I) the file and select the correct file type, the incorrect plug-in gets used. I guess that the first plug-in that the system finds that can read .dat files gets used on Import but not on Open?

The fact that Import ignores the selected filetype is, I guess, a bug.

If you are going to do something about this, please consider the following: if multiple plug-ins are capable of reading a certain extension, could you please ask the user which of the matching file types they want to read:

______________________________________________________[ X ]
Rhino has found multiple plug-ins that can read .dat files, 
please select the filetype you want to read

[X] Filetype 1
[O] FileType 2
[O] FileType 3

[√] Remember my choice
                                              [Cancel] [OK]

Hi Menno,

I switched this topic to Rhino Developer… I think @dale will see it faster there and he’s probably best to answer this one.

Ok, just as long as it is clear that it is not a problem with developing stuff, it is a bug in Rhino itself :smile:

I’m obviously just misunderstanding… sorry. I see it from another angle now. I thought these were plugins you wrote! I switched the topic back but Dale might still be able to help and should get a ping now that I mentioned him.

Just to be 100% clear, I did write the plugins. But they are not at fault, it is the way Rhino handles the situation where more than one plugin can handle the same file extension.

I have reported this as a bug. I don’t have a timeframe when this will be fixed - perhaps in a Rhino 5 service release.

Thanks for finding!

You’re very welcome :smile: I hope that it gets fixed soon

Any news on this? There is another super-irritating case, that gets me every time.

I import a file with .DAT extension and select BY HAND the second .DAT file type that must be loaded. The next time I import, the selected file type is the first file .DAT file type is pre-selected in the load file dialog. THIS IS WRONG, I SELECTED THE SECOND ONE!


It seems like a super simple thing to fix, but 9 months and several Service Releases later: nothing has changed.