Lost various import/export plugins after updating to Windows 10 - updated but not fixed

When I was running Windows 7, I used Rhino to import/export various filetypes, mostly Illustrator (.ai). (I’m using Rhino 4.0.)

Since updating to Windows 10, Rhino ‘lost’ various import/export plugins. In my Rhino plugins folder, there are several import_[filetype] and export_[filetype] files, and I managed to re-install the export_AI.rhp, but I don’t see any import_AI.rhp at all.

I also noticed my startup templates all ‘disappeared’.

Did Rhino lose/forget where all these things are when I updated to Windows 10?
What else may I have lost that I haven’t noticed yet?

And most importantly: Where can I download my missing rhp files / plugins?
I really need the Adobe Illustrator import plugin.

There was some funny business with Windows 10 duplicating system folders under the user account but I just can’t get a hold of it in google.

Have you searched the hard drive for 3dm files? Also, did you make changes to the default templates or save new files as your own templates?

Have you tried reinstalling Rhino?

@RicardoAmaral That sounds weird. But I’d believe it, since the subfolders that used to be in my user folder seem to be in different locations (“All your files are exactly where you left them”, my foot.)

@wim I had made a few tweaks to the templates that came with Rhino and saved them as new templates. These disappeared. I think I also made a few new files with starter drawings as templates. These were the only things that showed up.

Reinstalling Rhino worked.

Thank you very much!