[FEEDBACK] Rhino 7: Right mouse button over Polar arrey repeat last polar array action

Just an idea for developers:

The right mouse button is free in the Array Polar button. I wish that developers create a new command and add it into it that repeat latest Polar Array in one click. In this way, pressing the polar array button with the right-click, it executes this new command, repeating my latest array action in one shot. So that we do not need to define axis and press enter, enter, etc…

Hello - so, offer that last axis or center as Rotate3D does now, on the second run of the command, correct?


Yes, plus it also run the rest. As for example:


will run:


So if an object is selected and the right [ArrayPolar] button is press ones, the five objects are created instantly. In the case an object is not selected, ArrayPolar asks you to select the object.

You need a function that copies and store the last ArrayPolar parameters variables. And _LastArrayPolar call and uses that variables when is running. If there are no parameters, as for example in the case of the first run (when you open Rhino), it executes PolarArray normally.

Hello - As far as I can see settings are remembered apart from the axis.


Yes. Actually using Rhino7 if I press array polar to redo my last action, I first read the description. I need to tell the axis point, but if I’m in perspective I need to switch to the correct view Right, Top or Front, then place the cursor. In Rhino7 If I place the point in perspective and my axis is not vertical, I need to run the command one more time. So looks like different from Rhino6 that actually I need to place 2 points as a line indicating the axis. And finally hit enter 3 times.
Is a lot of clicks that can be reduced to just one click. Because in most of the occasion I will probably repeat my last array. Using the same axis and same amount of object, angles, etc

I use to create custom icons button for each type of array. But in most of the occasion I repeat my last action.

I think it can be handy.

I think this would also be useful in the mirror command (and probably a few other commands as well).

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Yes, that is a great idea. Also fits well with Rhino style. Actually, mouse UI using [right mouse] function to repeat is an extraordinary idea. And this feels at home :wink: But in the case of mirror I think left is using 2D and right is using 3 points to make the plane. Maby right 3 points can be migrated to the middle? since is not often used. Because actually, all buttons can have a 3rd option if the middle is integrated.

RH-54068 is fixed in the latest WIP