Mouse right click speed. Rhino 5 vs Rhino 7

Hello everyone, in a short video I am repeating the array polar command, then using 3 right mouse clicks to finish the command. In Rhino 5 (on the left) I can click as fast as physically possible and command works fine. But the same click rate is to fast for Rhino 7 (on the right). So I am just curious, maybe there is some kind of delay setting? Does anyone notice that or is it just me? :slight_smile:
P.S. If I am using “Enter” or “Space” there is no delay in both Rhino versions, the problem is only with the mouse.

Please run the Rhino V7 SystemInfo command and post the results.
I suspect you’re running an older system that worked fine for V5’s much lower GPU requirements.


Do I need to change something? My video card is to old?

Your NVidia drivers need to be updated:

You’re running too many monitors for V7. With only 8 GB VRAM you have enough for 2 standard resolution monitors.
Disconnect one.

See if those 2 changes help.

If not, the next things to do would be to temporarily disable the 2 plug-ins you added.
The image you sent it clipped but I think I see Keyshot and Elefront.

Any luck?

I updated drivers, turned off two monitors and both plugins, but no luck.

Are you connected to a docking station?

I’m running out of ideas.


Maybe someone else with a GTX 1080 will have some insight.

A have other PC with two 4k monitors on Quadro P4000 8gb, works fine no lags. It might be my old video card. Need to swap them for test I think.

I’m running a Quadro P2000 and no problems here either.

That said, 8gb VRAM is only enough for ONE 4k monitor.

I guess you can test but I doubt it has much to do with the video card. I have a 1080ti and…I can’t tell if it’s missing clicks or not, “as fast as I can” is “too fast for me to really tell if I actually clicked 3 times.” It’s possible, maybe? The most common reason for missed clicks is a dying mouse, but I guess you’re testing V5 vs V7 on the same machine… The 2nd reason is obscure Windows accessibility features.

So I changed my card to quadro P4000, and problem still is, I put my old 1080 in to another PC and it works fast and perfect. So I am out of ideas, too. This is new PC bought just for rhino and MatrixGold. I dont have old part there.

Well I don’t know what I would have to do with the video card anyway.

What is your mouse?

mx master3, but I did try another mouse (not wireless) and it didn’t helped.

Hello- I see this as well - one click gets lost if I go quiickly.
It seems, so far, to be the first right click at the prompt for ‘AngleToFill’ is the one that is lost - I need to hit that twice.


In my case, it seams the delay is on every click, if I press ~2.5 clicks/sec or ~3 clicks/sec is already to fast.