[FEEDBACK] My first Rhino Cycles Render using Rhino 7 WIP

SEP 2020
I test the new Rhino Rendering WIP and denoiser last night (4hs) and I try to reproduce the same image that I made before when I was making the textures in Substance Painter using Iray. I use maximum quality I was able to set and about 300 steps.


  • I love the idea of components inside the shader and Package manager.
  • I try to mix Sunlight (and shadow) with background light (shadows) to get a mix of shadows. but I fail
  • Somehow how the wood texture detail was not popping up.
  • I was not able to find a hue post-process effect to control light temperature filter and saturation.
  • Sometimes I make a custom shader and in it, I add more coat reflection mask on the outline rim and much transparency in the center of the shader.

A later second attempt with sun direct light and mixing the two Photoshop plus adding corrections as much as I can to achieve the gold.

A third attempt using Nathan suggestion

And down here is my gold target made using S. Painter Iray.



To get the softer shadows you can use rectangular lights with different strengths. Here a very quick setup.

Cycles itself has possibility to control softness of the sun, but Rhino doesn’t have controls in the GUI for that. Rectangular lights can get you close.


Usually, before I was always using 3 directional sunlight. Yes I will substitute the light with Area. Thx for the tip.

Well and instead of implementing a GUI, in Cycles you turn it on by default and set it up as the sun softness?
At least until a Rhino GUI.

Looks good.

If you use a rectangular light or Cycle’s emmissives, the shadows will be just as soft as your goal.

Those cars were dangerous–all the speed and no ground-effects. Be careful : )

That’s why I make the wheels in concrete. @Brenda don’t warry I pass to steel

Ok I put more time trying to make it much.
Always how to follow is in disadvantage on who leads. I mean is more difficult to make it much than to create.
The areal light:
Shadow intensity 8
Falloff Linear

In both images (Rhino and Painter) relay heavily in Photoshop
filter sharp more
Move the hue to the red
Yellow-orange camera filter

Feedback for this WIP Rh7 or I was not able to:
I was not expecting Skylight intensity does not affect the Background solid color intensity (But is OK!)
Missing detail in the texture albedo (chassis wood albedo detail) as if missing sharpness.
Missing shadow occlusion (Shadow transition on the wheel and chassis) Or Floor dark influence.
I presume later we will get, Vignette, hue color, etc?
Is not rendering in real-time. I mean when moving the camera or adjusting the bump of a material or the size of the light. And so there is a lot of clicking back and forward.


You are using ground plane with shadows only. The shadows only ground plane only can catch shadows, not cast them. Instead assign a material with the color you use as solid background color. That should also give a bit better diffuse lighting on the wheels and chassis. With the shadows only ground plane and sky lighting you will get essentially lighting through the ground plane.

These would be post effects.

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The lack of ground-effects worries me, with all of that speed : )

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How much performance is gain using a fake floor with no light transmission in rendering time?
Because when you do not want a client to choose a render, what some designers does, is not include shadow. So looks like floating and that instability of object not connected to the floor triggers client repulsion. Some experiences designers do this to control the amount of work. Chairs, tables, car wheels, and especially not chome staff with no reflection will look not ok (not connected buy same shadow) using the “fake” ground.
Object must be well setting on the floor. Is not an option in a pro environment.
So is not a real option. I mean is a feature that is not a feature because I’m not going to use it if is not reflecting shadow or missing of occlusion(of the ground in the object material). To fix this some ideas:
And a toggle to replace that with a real one?
A button that replaces it by creating a layer floor with a real 3d mesh ground plane on it in a fast way?

When you add a ground plane you always get the actual geometry. The problem here is the shadow catcher implementation of Cycles which currently has its drawbacks like the ones I mentioned. That is why I suggest using ground plane with material, that gives better lighting and light bounces between object and ground.

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