Feature Suggestions: select SubD faces by surface packing color

This is just a feature suggestion/ request:
I think it may be helpful the have the ability to select Sub-DS faces by their surface packing color. If attempted to do this using sub-object selection filtering plus Select by color, but this method does not seem to recognize the surface packing color.

As a side note, I’ve been havening difficulty converting subdiv objects to NURBS with surface packing enabled over a certain face count limit. The results don’t match the set surface packing by color scheme and there appear to be errors with self intersecting loops. I can move this subject to a separate thread if needed.

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will you send us some examples with steps to reproduce to tech@mcneel.com please?

noted face packing selection- added to the list


Hello Kyle.

Yes. I requested access to my p2p client yesterday and am getting approval to send the math. probably a day or two. I’ll send the p2p information for retrieving the file to the email address above. Sorry for the delay.

is there a vanilla rhino way to select subd faces by perfacecolor that I don’t know about yet??

I don’t believe so… I bumped the request. Thanks.

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