Sub-object select face of monoface brep

For use with the new per-face color assignment enhancement, is there a way to sub-object select the faces of monoface breps so its color can be set via the Properties panel?

Hi Steve -
I suppose the answer to that question is either yes or no depending on what the ultimate goal is.
You can’t sub-object select a surface that is not part of a polysurface.
You can set the object color of a single surface to be something else than the layer color.

The goal is to set the colors per face anytime between using Explode, Extract, and Join, so that the colors are maintained.

I’m not requesting to change the UI for this. I was just checking whether this type of selection is possible.

so you want some memory if the face is colored, then joined into a polysurface, the face remembers its color?

Yes. Also, notice that the TestSetPerFaceColor command doesn’t accept monoface brep selection. I don’t know what repercussions would exist if sub-object selection of the actual face was allowed.

Am I correct in assuming when you refer to monoface Brep, you are referring to an object with one surface only? I want to make sure I’m understanding your request correctly…

Yes, it is an object with one surface, what is referred to as a “surface” by Rhino’s UI and help.

so, unless I’m missing something, why would you just not assign a color through normal means? add material, or use the object properties?

Let’s say that a single surface is Booleaned with another brep. Assigning a per-face color before the operation can be used to identify which faces of the resultant polysurface came from that surface.

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got it- thanks- I’ll write that up as a feature request.