SubD Color the Faces and select them

I made button scripts for coloring SubD Faces in Color.
the left button to paint and add to the NamedSelections panel.
the right button selects the color.
I hope someone needs it. :sunglasses:

Color Mask Pro v1.rui (376.6 KB)



Brilliant, we need this!
I can’t get it to work properly though… when i select sep faces to color, the whole object gets the color… :frowning:

this problem is for Rhino 8!

correct! Your -properties coloring macro works fine in v7. Can’t color faces via command line in v8.

Color Mask Pro New.rui (411.3 KB)
now works for rhino 7 - 8.

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OMG thank you and let’s have a round of applause for TestSetPerFaceColor!!!

This needs to be part of standard rhino gui!

I found the team by accident when I wanted to see how it worked SetPerFaceColorByFacePack. :sweat_smile:

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small edit here, I changed the yellow to purple since yellow is usually our default color for selected objects…
colormaskpronew2.rui (412.2 KB)