Wish: modify radius in BoxEdit

I do love the modify radius command, but it would be awesome if you could change multiple radii in Boxedit. A co-worker says the Vectorworks equivalent is so much better. Is there any development on this tool pallete?


Hi Andrew - you can do this if the circles are parallel to the CPlane using the Size (X and Y) control in BoxEdit and ‘Transform objects individually’. Is that what you meant? not the same as parametrics but it does work…


Also, I just noticed that if BoxEdit is active and you have an object selected and one of the number fields is active in BoxEdit … scrolling the mouse wheel causes a cool sort of interactive editing action…


Hi Pascal,

The scroll wheel thing is cool!

I do use the ‘transform objects individually’ quite a lot, yes it’s a great feature. But it would be nice if BoxEdit got some advancements:

For example changing the radius of arcs would be nice (I use modify radius a lot)
and if I rotate a rectangle, it would be great if boxedit let me keep editing the major and minor length of it regardless of its orientation. Don’t know if this is achievable though.

Yeah - the BoxEdit could pay attention to the Gumball to get the bounding box… I sort of think of the two tools as being (ideally) two interfaces to the same underlying tool.


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Yes! I agree. It would be great if the BoundingBox command also paid attention to the gumball orientation. That would be really useful.

For BoundingBox and BoxEdit I see it working as an option (world cplane, current cplane, object orientation)