FEATURE REQUEST - Layout name sync

This would be a real handy feature for everyone using Rhino for creating construction set drawings, architectural drawings, etc etc…

What if we could sync or title block page number to the layout name? So if I name my layout “A1.0” we can set the page number in our title block to reference the layout name. This way when we add or change pages we don’t have to manually make sure all the page numbers match their corresponding layout names…it will do it automatically.

This feature is available in Rhino 7



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You should be able to do this with the PageName and PageNumber text fields

more examples can be seen at

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Wow…how did I not know about this before…thank you thank you!

Would I be able to use this function to generate a list of all the layout names? If I wanted to place an index of all the pages in a drawing set for example?

No, that functionality does not currently exist

Cool, that will be a feature request then. What about generate a list of all the text within a layer? For example…I have a layer called “Labels”, all of the notation on my drawing set is under that layer, I want to generate an itemized list of all the text within that layer. Possible?

This is getting into a more data driven workflow that Rhino supports with Grasshopper. This allows for customization to your particular needs via a rich ecosystem of features and plugins.

or gathering all the text on a layer and getting their values

If this solution you are open to, these scripts and more are available in the grasshopper category.

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I would recommend Japhy’s approach. Text fields that reference text introduce the complexity that those text entities may also contain fields that reference other text (i.e. spreadsheet). This won’t be done for text fields in the near future.

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Thanks I will try it out!