Auto updating drawing tittles

Hello you smart people

Is there a way to automate drawing tittles, so whenever I change the tab name (to eg. ULU_008), Rhino would automatically update drawing bubble and the drawing number box? Or the opposite way, eg. if I change the drawing number in the box, it would update the tab name and the bubble box?

You can use a Text Field to do that. In the layout, use the text tool and then click the fx button.

Actually you don’t really need to change the Page names and you could simply use page number as a text field.

Text fields | Rhino 3-D modeling (

%<’{:03}’.format(NumPages())>% evaluates to 002 if there are 2 layout pages in the model.

It’s also fairly simple to add ULU_ to that three digit page number, should you need that on your layouts somewhere…

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Thank you so much @martinsiegrist , that’s fabulous!

Is there also a way to save the PDF automatically in the same name as the drawing name? I’m pretty sure there was a way for that in the past…

a) Or what would be even better, if there was a way to have the really long drawing name but tell Rhino just to show the initial drawing number in the tab (but still print full name for the pdf?)

b) and… (I might be pushing my luck here but there are so many clever folk here, maybe someone has found a way for this)… is there a way for the revision box to update automatically with the latest revision letter and a date??

so e.g. if I’m going to update this drawing tomorrow and want to make it official, type letter ‘B’ in the big box, can it automatically put rev. B and todays date in the small box above?


For the drawing version you would need to look into document user text. You can link a text field with those.

Regarding the PDF print name, I don’t know how to do that.