Feature Request: Gracefully Handle Plugins That Fail To Load

It’s been 5 minutes now and the splash screen still says ‘loading RhinoGold’. The feature request I’m asking for is that if a plugin takes more than 1.62 seconds to load, you skip it and keep going. Then it should automatically send a message to that plugin developer saying fix this now.

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Hi Eric- for the immediate problem - is there a dialog lurking behind the splash or something that needs attention?


You mean like when you load a script you wrote at it’s asking you to input an object, no. The whole thing freezes and it says loading plugin. Happened a couple of times and today everything works fine again.

Hi Eric, I meant there might be a Windows or Rhino error warning someplace waiting to be dismissed- these sometime do not come to the front and so you can wait a long time. But, it sounds like this is probably not the case here if it all eventually comes around and opens.