Feature Request: Default CPlane Flipping

Would like to have the Gumball plane flipping depending on view rotation as a default behaviour in Rhino. the default free move behavior leads only to more mistakes that probably won’t be obvious at first sight.

Maybe to switch it on and off in options.

Thank you

Hi Johannes, I’ve watched that video a couple of times, but I have no idea what I am supposed to see based on your description. A wild guess is that you want something that _OneView does?

@Gijs in short: I would like to have a smart changing construction plane in 3D view similar to the smart recognition / changing of the construction plane in the gumball. (construction plane is always changing respective to view)

Gumball does change the planes automatically when navigating in 3D space.

As far as I know there certain commands that you will execute in 3D view that will only function properly as long as you change “Direction” in options like “ExtrudeCrv”.
Also this smart recognition would become very handy when placing dimensions in 3D view whereas now depending on the view the dimension could result in “0 cm” as Rhino would restrict the orientation to the construction plane which is XY by default.

There was a program, which I don’t know the name anymore, which did that by default. very handy.

As you see in my short video, OneView does recognize the Plane but drawing simple Curves in 3D view does not work as described above.

Since you are posting this in the Serengeti category: There has been done a lot of work with auto cplanes and z ortho in current WIP, did you try it out? (AutoCplane is in the statusbar)

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@Gijs Thank you for the direction. Will use it from now on. Makes sense. Thanks!