[BUG] Custom naming merge inputs?

Hi, I am working on a complex project and would really like to change the input names to something that actually makes sense.

In a lot of cases I am able to name certain things to make it more clear to me, and I thought this was also possible with the Merge component, but somehow it isn’t. It’s greyed out as seen in the screenshot.

Is there a way?

You need to press ALT + SHIFT when plugging in the input and the name of the component is pasted onto the input.

Some more tips and tricks:

:rhinoceros: Rhino Secrets | rhino-secrets (runxel.xyz)


Thanks, I’m sorry, I should’ve said I trtied that. Somehow this component doesn’t want to accept the name.

I also discovered that it’s very very buggy, when I add it do a new merge component, it works, but when I remove the D3 that is auto-created when attaching something to D2, it reverts back to D2 instead of the name I gave it. Sorry for the dramatic naming :sweat_smile:

When adding:
Screenshot 2022-02-04 164629

After removing D3:
Screenshot 2022-02-04 164645

The Merge component I’m working with in my current document, the one with the 8 inputs, doesn’t accept custom names at all.

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Eternal pain isn’t good…

Same thing happens here when I delete D3, the “custom naming” disappears and input names are reset to D1, D2…

I think it’s a bug.

Yeah, quite possibly then. Well I guess I’ll just leave one empty D9 input? And I’ll replace the original Merge component with a new one. Maybe it doesn’t accept names because it’s an older component from an older definition. I wish we could see the ‘version’ of a component.

Now where can we report this bug?

It also happens when the Merge component has two inputs, something it connected to the second one and when the component then automatically makes a third input, the names also disappear. I give up. This is such a hassle.

I added bug tag to this topic. This should be sufficient that someone from McNeel takes a look.

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Just to add one more thing, with for example entwine it works well. So it seems only merge is bugged.

It’s a bit finicky, but it’s a nice feature and I hope this gets a bugfix soon.

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Sorry, I have to take that back, adding an input on Entwine also removes the naming of each input.

The only difference seems to be that Entwine doesn’t add a new input when you connect a component to the last free input on Entwine. So the issue in both cases is that when you add a new input, whether manually or automatically, it resets all the input names. This also cannot be undone by control+z.

It seems that naming inputs and outputs also breaks when using clusters as a User Object:
[BUG] Cluster input/output names disappear when creating User Object