Feature Request: Custom Group/Panel Colors in GH

Hi Devs,

I’d like to make a suggestion concerning the coloration of groups in GH.
The color of a group can be used as a marker for their contents. For example, I mark every input with green, outputs blue, switches as red, mathematics as yellow, certain transformations as white and so on. Thus, it would be nice to have a small palette of custom colors, or recently used colors to chose from. The RGB color picker is certainly great, but in this case 10 colors are rather useful to me than 16 million. I know, that there is the “Make Color Default” option, but in order to use it, I first have to find another group with the same color to copy it.
The palettes could be fitted right next to the RGB picker like in the attached screenshot. This could also be used for panels and similar objects. Let me know what you think about it.

Cheers, Henry


Very good idea!

And moreover, the “Make Default” option is not nearly as useful as would be a “Use Default” option. For example when having messed up a group color entirely (happens often) and then want to revert back to sanity…

At this point “Make Default” only would make things even worse. :fearful:

But a palette of 1 default color + 10 customizable colors would really make colorization useful in GH. Are you listening @DavidRutten ? :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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Yup, I’ve added a customisable palette to GH2 which would allow you to quickly pick a colour from a predefined set, or interpolations of that predefined set.

25 seconds in:


Hello David @DavidRutten ,
what happened to this customisable palette? Can’t find it, or didn’t it make it into the actual version? (Rhino 6)
// Jess

Hi Jess -

As David wrote, that’s something that’s in GH2. Rhino 6 and 7 are running GH1.
After we ship Rhino 7, GH2 will likely appear in a Rhino 8 WIP at some point.

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I am already excited about it even though 7 is not out there yet :d