WISH: Group Colouring Change on the Fly - Slider Name

On the thread linked below @DavidRutten kindly provided a script to change the color of multiple groups that had “x” name.

For groups containing multiple components this behavior is the most logical.
But for groups of only one component, it is not ideal, as you have a group name taking up space on every component and sometimes overlapping with stuff.

I wonder if this can be modified specifically for one object groups, so that the color is based on the component’s name instead of the group’s name. Like so:

@DavidRutten there is currently no way to change the color of slider components in GH right? All components have the same color? Maybe a simple change to the gh.gui can achive this?

Not possible at all? This would really come in handy for organizing definitions and instantly identifying its parameters.

I missed this. It can certainly be done. Just add some more logic to the filter.

groupcolouring2.gh (7.9 KB)

Now works either on group name, or on content name if the group contains only a single object.

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Thank you David, this is great!

You can also perform all kinds of automatic operations like this without scripting using Metahopper. Try this to achieve something similar:

(that’s Object By Nickname and Highlight Objects from MH)

Nice Andrew, thanks! Will check it out.

This looks so much better already :smiley: