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Hi all,

I have a small feature request - well two actually.

I am working on a rather complicated grasshopper project, and need to color-code areas of the graph so I remember what is what. To do this I use groups, and change the color of the groups. So groups of a similar color represent similar things - you get the idea.

For some reason GH will let me select several groups, but if I then go ahead and try and change the color, it only changes the color of the group that I right-clicked on, not all the groups I had selected.

This would not be a big deal if I could easily replicate a color, but I don’t see any way of creating color swatches that I can quickly apply to other components. Every time I have to re-create a color by changing the parameters, which I find frustrating…

My 2 cents!



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Hi Tom,

Are you aware that you can use the colour dropper? (the little pipette next to the cubes on the right hand side of the colour UI) Click on it to drag to an area of the screen containing the colour you wish to replicate.

You could set up some groups with predetermined colours and go and select them each time you set a group.

in reference to setting multiple groups to a color, you can also use the plugin metahopper->set group properties.


Thanks Danny - I was aware of it, but find it somewhat cumbersome, and I hadn’t thought of setting up some defaults groups to pick from. Good idea. The concept of color swatches seems (to me) like a generally accepted way of picking a color. Creating new colors all the time I find too cumbersome, but that may be just me! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris - I will check it out.

One of the issues I find is that colour picker slowly fades out the colour after each change. I would recommend using make default colour and then creating a new group with that colour having been made the default.

I have noticed the same thing, but I find setting the default also cumbersome! Managing colors is not a new problem in computer UI, so this feels like it should be an easy fix?