Feature Request _ Command History

it’d be very useful to have a persistent CommandHistory window (dockable)
with the list that can be fired.
so you have access to the list without having to right click in the command line.

Hello -I think you are after the most recently used commands, correct? I’m not convinced it would be easier to click in a panel - after bringing it to the front - than to have the list always available from a right click in the command area. In case it helps, you can use the setting in Options > Mouse to pop up the MRU list under the mouse pointer with a press on MMB:

and/or use the PopUpMenu command in any of the context menus:



that’s definitely helpful!
can you hotkey that in stead of MM ?
thnx Pascal!

Hello - yes, the command is PopUpMenu - you can make an alias or assign to a keyboard shortcut.


got it! awesome :slight_smile: