Rhino 8 Mac Viewport Context Menu

I have a question regarding editing context menus, specifically the Viewport Context Menu.

I would like to add Display Modes as well as my Custom Display Modes to the end of the Viewport Context Menu. Is there a way to modify what is listed in the Viewport Context Menu?

I would also like to add the “Set View” drop-down too. My modeling is much more fluid and quicker if I am not constantly going back and forth to the upper left corner of the viewport to aim and right-click on a word (for example “Top”,) or worse the tiny square with the triangle, to change either of these options to then return to where I was previously modeling to start, finish, or continue a command. It’s incredibly inefficient and disrupting to the workflow.

This was a functionality that I understand was removed from Rhino8 Mac to make it align with the Windows counterpart (ok, I get that). However is there a way to add items to the Viewport Context Menu manually so I can retain my previous workflow?

EDITED for clarity.


Would Macros come into play here somehow? I’m still not sure how to add anything to the viewport context menu…any suggestions on this front would be appreciated! Thanks!

Just curious if anyone else has this issue and has a solution? Thanks

In case you didn’t solve this yourself: I just made a quick test, and it’s possible without problems to add any command to the viewport context menu, also display mode switching:

Beware, I’m on Windows here! But this should also work on Mac, since both Rhinos are the same now (I guess).

In Rhino Options > Mouse > Viewport Context Menu, I just added the lines
_SetDisplayMode _Shaded
_SetDisplayMode _Wireframe

Doesn’t seem to be possible to move the custom items to the bottom of the menu, though.

Thanks for the reply Eugen!
It appears that the “Add items to this menu…” doesn’t exist on the Mac version. I took a look for other ways to add items to the Viewport Context Menu but it also doesn’t seem to exist in any Advanced settings.

I really appreciate your reply though, and I hope that this is on any of the developers radar. Being able to modify the Viewport Context Menu would be incredibly helpful on the Mac version, and since it appears to be able to do that on the Windows version I’m hopeful that this functionality will be implemented in a future update.