Using V6 and V5 in same Mac computer

Is there anyway I can use V5 and V6 in Mac? I installed V6 on my Mac and now V5 is telling me it is obsolete now. Also V6 for Mac does not have Save As function so I cannot save any file as V5. Thanks.

The two different files need to be in different folders or you can rename one of them. That’s what I did.

SaveAs is a Windows term.
Macs use Export, and yes you can make V5 files using Export in V6.

@dan thinks he as some magic in the works so you will not reminded that V5 is “obsolete” when you start it. It still runs just fine. I have 4 different Mac Rhinos on my MBP so I see the message a lot. I like it as I get a confirmation I’m really running what I think I am.

This is great! Thank you so much for your help!

You can change Duplicate to Save As by pressing your Option key, if you need it.

And yes Export is used to save to a different Rhino version. You cannot save to V6 from V5 though :slight_smile:


Besides the obvious limitation of the V6 file format not existing when V5 was developed, upgrading to the newer file format is part of the newer version of Rhino, and always has been.

I know, I had to send V3 files to a supplier for years after V4 came out :slight_smile: