Feature (Bug?) Request: ArrayCrv/ArrayCrvOnSrf Add Preview

All of the Array functions have a preview where you can change a parameter prior to accepting the results except ArrayCrv and ArrayCrvOnSrf.

ArrayCrv does not have a preview. Once you set the last parameter it just does it.

ArrayCrvOnSrf does the action as soon as you specify a value for Divide or Multiple, but if you set the parameter again it does it again without removing the objects created by the previous action. Bug?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the suggestion and report. The preview request for ArrayCrv is something on file already as RH-14342 (this report is not public at this time) and is scheduled at the moment for Rhino 6. The ArrayCrvOnSrf behavior I agree seems confusing and I’ve filed RH-22280 to hopefully get this tuned up while adding a preview for multiples. Grasshopper would also be an option here for preview and interactivity in the meantime.


Reviving this almost 10 years later since I just hit the issue.
ArrayCrvOnSrf still doesn’t handle preview nor possibility to change the numeric inputs…
RH-22280 doesn’t seem to be public report.


Hi -

Should be public now → RH-22280 ArrayCrvOnSrf needs preview for multiples

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