Wish: Array along curve improvement

this command (ArrayCrv) currently works selecting objects to array, enter, selecting path curve,
which opens a dialog box where you can specify number, distance and orientation.
At the same moment you can not move or rotate the view and you
get no preview of the final result.
Thank you!

Thanks for the request. This is already on our list as RH-14342, this report is not publicly visible at this time however.

In the meantime, you can do this with a preview and many other possible added options like size falloff using Grasshopper.

Another nice thing about 3dConnexion devices: they can manipulate views which Rhino ordinarily freezes them while waiting for input in these dialog boxes:)

Providing a preview for the ArrayCrv command will have to wait until Rhino 6. But, the inability to manipulate the viewports while the ArrayCrv dialog box is, well, irritating. I’ve fixed this for Rhino 5 SR6. Thanks for reporting.

fwiw, using the dashed version ( -ArrayCrv) ,you’ll be able to navigate during the command (at least on mac).
no preview though