Array along curve needs preview

Hi guys,
Array along curve could need some love :slight_smile:

Can you add a preview function please?
And add Enter as OK as well?
Now Enter works as Cancel and that is a bit annoying.

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Hi @Holo! [quote=“Holo, post:1, topic:43835”]
Can you add a preview function please?

Funny enough I was about to create an item for this this morning :-). Here it is, RH-39215

OK seems to be working as Enter here. Are you using this week’s WIP?

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Yeah, latest build it seems, not working here… :slight_smile:

Hi @Holo

There’s a new WIP. Is the Okay button still canceling the ArrayCrv command in this week’s WIP? It’s working fine on my end.

Hi guys,

I notice this doesn’t seem to be existing for Rhino 6 as well? Or perhaps it’s just me. Has anything developed of the “preview for distances”?

Hi Bryan - feature request RH-6445 is still on the list for a future release.

I would bump it too. Seems a pretty big thing to be missing IMO.