FBX export

FBX export in V6 doesn’t seem to work.
A made a simple cube with a texture and exported as FBX.
When I open this FBX in Rhino V5, I get absolutely nothing, and if I try to re-import it in V6, I can see the cube but the texture is gone.

I thought that FBX export now supported texture embedding, but that still seems to be science-fiction.

1817-MOD_Modele.rar (44.7 KB)

The texture is nicely embedded in the FBX file, I can see it when I import the file into Blender.

Importing the file into v6 also works, except that the transparency is set to 100%. Setting it to 0% gives

ps. importing in v5 fails with notification there was an error.

Another issues with FBX export: cameras (namedviews) are not saved in the FBX file.

Transparency problem on round-tripping reported as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-45346

Apart from the visible views, do you expect any unused named views to be exported too when Save Geometry Only isn’t checked?

At least started https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-45347 to track the camera part.

@IgorK was the one complaining. I just work here.

Not sure if that meant Yes or No… which is it, regardless of your employment state?

Ha! I think all saved views should be saved as cameras with a normal FBX save. I do not think including them when ‘geometry only’ is checked makes sense, since that should truly mean ‘geometry only’.

Adjusted YT item accordingly.

Yes. I agree that all saved views should be saved if "geometry only’ unchecked

More importantly we should also address what happens with cameras already in an FBX when that FBX is imported. They should be imported as namedviews. if existing namedview are already in the file with same name, they should also be imported, but with an appended name.