Save export settings for FBX

Hi all,

I couldn’t find an answer to it, so maybe someone could help me out here.
I made a grasshopper script to itterate trough several hundreds versions of an object. Each itteration gets saved out automatically to FBX. Only thing is, it saves out camera’s too. So my question is, is it possible, maybe using a different registery setting, to always check the ‘save geometry only’ function?

Many thanks,

Jakob de Vries

Hoi Jakob,

How do you export to fbx? Is that scripted or a gh component.
Do you know if the regular Rhino export has a means to only export geometry?( on my phone so I cannot check it atm)

Another way coukd be to export as obj as I believe that format does not include cameras and such.


Hi Willem,

It’s a scripted GH component. It bakes it to Rhino and immediately exports it to fbx trough Rhino. In the Rhino exporter there is an option to select ‘save geometry only’ and that is the solution not to save the cameras in the fbx file. I would like to set this function as the standard configuration so the GH script will automatically save it the correct way.

It’s for a workflow to Blender/Unreal. obj doesn’t seem to get to Blender the correct way (no geometry), while it imports the way I expect in 3DsMax, without the camera’s (but that’s not the intended workflow I have to meet).


Hi Jakob,

Do you have a scripted command export?

If you Run the export command hyphened you can set the Geometry only flag before you pass the filename:
Command('_-Export GeometryOnly=Yes "myfile.fbx" Enter')

Does that work?