Fastest method to find out if a BrepFace is disjoint, touching or inside a closed solid Brep

I could not find anything about it in the forum, so I just ask now.
I want to compare a BrepFace with a closed solid Brep and find out if:

  • the BrepFace and the solid are disjoint
  • the Brepface touches the solid (especially the distinction touches / intersects)
  • the BrepFace is completely inside the solid

Thanks for your support

Hi @thomas.k,

The first thing I’d to is compare the bounding boxes of each object to quickly eliminate the obvious.

After that you can intersect the Breps.

Then you start sampling points to see if they fall inside the solid.

Using meshes might also be useful, as your looking for speed.

– Dale

Thanks @dale, that helped me a lot.