How to know if face is trimmed or not


I’m at a loss at how to find if a brep face is trimmed or not.
Is there some property of it’s edges, trims, loops or such to find if it’s boundaries coincide with the underlying surfaces edge(s)?


Note: the reason for my query is that it seems that Brep.CreateTrimmedSurface() fails if the input face is “untrimmed”
My larger goal is to rebuild a face’s surface and recreate the face including trims with that rebuild surface.

I think you should use IsSurface property on the BrepFace

Dankjewel Menno,

I’ll check it out and report back what I find!


Hi Menno,

Face.IsSurface did not work for my need, I had trims very close to/on the edge. So Face.IsSurface was False.
However I started to suspect the cause to be the new surface to slightly deviate from the trims so they fell off the new surface.

It seems I have solved it now by extending the replacement surface on all sides to accomodate for possible out-of-tolerance deviations.


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