Rhino Render Next Working Slowly

I just decided to try the Rhino Render Next plugin as a render but it works like 10X slower than Rhino Render at raytracing. Is there like a setting I’m missing in NVIDIA control panel or something? I have a GTX 1060. Any tips would be nice.

I believe the Rhino Render Next plugin, which is still in development, does some additional calculations. @nathanletwory can weigh in on this when he is back from vacation but I see a better render here using RRN over Raytraced. It’s slightly crisper and I see more contrast in the shadows. The render time is 15 secs vs. 1:35 here using this lovely scan of Marguerite Le Comte.

I agree faster is great but Raytraced may end up being a preview render of sorts in this comparison. You can see similar time differences using Cycles in the Blender viewport versus the (F12) actual render. Again, I think this is due to higher sample settings.

Nathan, what do you think about having the render quality drop down in the Rendering panel control what RRN does? Draft could be what you get with Raytraced for instance.

Okay that looks like a good work around. How do you go about doing that? I’m not sure how to make a blender viewport or anything.

Oh sorry, I wasn’t referring to anything you could do in Rhino yet to get the actual rendering to use the same settings as the Raytraced viewport. Blender is a different 3D modeling program that also uses the Cycles render engine which is what Raytraced mode uses as well as Rhino Render Next.

oh… darn. The way you had it side by side I thought you could make some blender viewport in rhino.

No the left image is the RRN result and the right the Raytraced viewport to show the difference. You’ll probably see it best on your own monitor though.

No problem maybe from your incorrect settings
Here’s a snapshot of a sample of caramel in less than 10 minutes

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FYI, Rhino Render in v6 doesn’t do path tracing like Raytraced / Rhino Render Next.

Possibly a good idea. In very early v6 WIP Raytraced was controlled through that drop down, but back then it was decided to not use that way to control. But maybe something to look into for v7 again.

That is with V-Ray Next, not Rhino Render Next.

@jsaxon18is if you are rendering at very large resolutions you’ll see slowdowns due to updating of the Render Window. The first twenty passes are updated, then every 20th. Updating that window is really slow.

If you need to big renderings you are best off using _ViewCaptureToFile and skip the wasted resources in Render Window. You should end up with the same result as Rhino Render Next but much faster.

Where I can find the Rhino Render Next plugin? I would like to try it in Rhino 6.0!

FYI in current Rhino WIP (to-be v7) Cycles is Rhino Render.

For v6 you can use the command _TestPackageManager. But note though that Rhino Render Next is far from optimized - and won’t be. In v6 you’ll be better off using _-ViewCaptureToFile and _-ViewCaptureToClipboard.

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