Split Surface did not cut everything


This is a project I’ve been working on and I’m trying to make the extruded surface into
panels using solid difference by cutting the big surface with a hex grid structure like a pipe. I’m having trouble finding out why one panel isn’t cutting.

lrt canopy.3dm (117.4 KB) testing reduced.gh (9.5 KB)

I’ve just started learning grasshopper a couple months ago so I’m not sure if I’m doing something inefficiently or fundamentally wrong.

Thank you so much for the help!

R7 .3dm file.

oh sorry, here is the rhino 6 file

lrt canopy r6.3dm (151.4 KB)

You’re trying to make panels(all solid)on your surface with thickened surface and pipes by Solid Difference? IMHO, it’s such a wasteful way.

And your target surface has a very sharp and narrow corner which is not good for paneling…

Here’s how I normally would go about this sort of stuff.

testing reduced_re.gh (32.8 KB)


Thanks a lot for the help @HS_Kim, this is exactly what I needed to continue tinkering with the model. Also thank you for the comment about the paneling and target surface. I never knew the corner wouldn’t be good for paneling so your feedback is super helpful. The original model was made for my second year computer modelling class using only rhino and a bit of paneling tools, so now after some time I’ve decided to revisit this project with gh and hopefully make it cleaner and more realistic.

Thanks again for your quick reply.