Failure to Match UVs of objects

I have many objects that are boxes that are exactly the same size (they are copied) and I want them to have the exact same material and UVs.
in the texture mapping panel, they are both using the exact same number but the mapping still doesn’t match.

I have no idea what is going on
any help is appreciated.

Move the object you want to have the same UV on to the same place of the source object, then do the match uvs.

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thanks for the response.
what if I already place them and moving them is very time-consuming?
with this method, it makes more sense to copy them over again. seem unflexible and also what if i changed my mind about the texture.
is there a way that the mapping widget uses absolute coordinates instead of relative ones?

Copying indeed would be better. If you use your object shape essentially as your uv box mapping then just add the uv box mapping. It’ll keep the uv mapping similar to all.

Rhino has all geometry in world space. So if you match uvs then it’ll use the uv space from that source object. That is what you are seeing.

If the object have the same shape than I would make a block of one of them and copy this. So you can edit the UV later and get the same mapping at all instances.