Match Mapping

I cant find a solution for this problem
I need a fast way to copy UV mapping from NURBS model to a polygonal mesh. The mesh is not converted in Rhino. It is exported from Moment of Inspiration.

The command “MatchMapping” would work… but the position and scale of copied mapping is messed up. Even if both are placed ad the origin.

Is there a way to copy, translate and assign uv mapping?

Hi Bruno - I don’t have a good idea about what you’re seeing here - can you send us the file?


yes, thanks for replying. I try to explain better the problem: I need to re-texture meshes imported from Moi (no UV mapping). (I dont want to use rhino mesher because i’m happy with Moi meshes.) To do this, i would use the command “Match mapping” but unfortunately the copied mapping widget is not automatically placed in the exact position. That’s the problem. If i manually change it’s position and scale it works as intended but it takes too much time because i have to do it in all my converted models.

Here it is the file

Hi Bruno - thanks, I see this.