Fadeaway Patterns / Pattern Fade


Not sure if I’m calling them correctly or if they are grasshopper generated effects, but does anyone know or can you point me to a right direction on how to achieve these fadeaway patterns / fading patterns? I’ve been trying to search for ways to do them for weeks, yet I’ve only been able to get a handful of images on them. My closest guess is that it’s a combination of a pattern with a curve attractor applied to the edges and then flow along surface in rhino.

Also any good books that might cover product/industrial design and grasshopper?


If you don’t need the detail to be physically modeled, then these are all relatively easy to do with a displacement map or bump map process. It would also let you do a lot experimentation quickly and efficiently.

I think I know what you’re talking about, but doesn’t that method result in mesh surfaces as oppose to nurbs? I’m trying to stay away from meshes. Tried zbrushing patterns onto surfaces too. Relatively easy but results in a really large file when converted to polysurfaces.

Nope. It is 100% material based, so the geometry stays super smooth and 100% NURBS.

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Hi Ivan,

I would use a combination of

  • desired pattern/array modeled fully detailed on a flat plane (fillets included, etc.)
  • create a fading height using cage edit
  • use flow along surface to flow your result on your desired topology

Here’s a hacky test. This could be done accurately, with more details, etc. All this could also be done in Grasshopper so it’s fully editable, but that would take more than 5 minutes to learn.

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Another example

Ah yes! Cage edit them to fade away. That should do the trick for most applications. Thanks Gustavo!

I’ll try and play around with this method too. It seems like this method would have a more natural fade - one that is controlled by graphs and not by manually editing the control point cage. Thanks Laurent!

Interesting method. This might actually be useful for some situation where it calls for more organic effects. Will play around with this later. Thanks Schultze!

I’m trying to replicate the same result from the fading pattern in the AAD Algorithms-aided Design book. Somehow, I’m not getting the same output. I’m wondering what I did wrong.

Fading Pattern.gh (23.4 KB)


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Hello. I am trying to get that bitmap attractor to work as well, from the same book. It isn’t working…bitmap attractor.3dm (41.4 KB)

forgot the grasshopper file…bitmap attractor.gh (21.6 KB)

I’m needing to do something similar where the displacement functionality can “fade” with options or something…

So far I’m not seeing any easy to find solutions…