Fading patterns on 3 dimensional surface

Hi there,
i´m just started to get into GH this week and it´s quite hard for me to catch on.

My main topic and for what i´ll use GH most will be to create patterns on surfaces like this one for example:

this is what i got right now ^^ :

I just can´t get further by watching tutorials and stuff and I would be very pleased if someone could help out here a little.

thank you

Check these

pic credit @ivan.k.m.ho


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hey, thank you very much.

I rebuilded it to be able to relate to the build up but it won´t work.
I can´t find this black box where the panel and the second multiplier comes out.
right now it looks like this:

you have an idea what went wrong?

edit: i guessed that it´s the image sampler btw

Yup. That’s Image sampler you need to attach a bitmap to it.

it works!
thank you so much.

Trashpater -

I’m trying to create something similar seems like this is talked about a lot but no real solutions.

How did you remotely connect the three inputs. The input surface for SrfCP is going to the EvalSrf? But where is the MeshUV getting its information remotely?


Here’s my Grasshopper file with red markups referring to what i mentioned above. Seems like your connecting inputs to inputs is that a plugin?
@ajarindia maybe you know of a solution to the remote inputs?
TestFade.gh (36.8 KB)

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