Fade 2D Pattern Inward 0-100% (While Controlling Distance of Fade)

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I have tried a couple different methods of fading in the edges of a 2D pattern from 0% pattern to 100% within a closed bounding curve. The idea is that the pattern of circles needs to fade smoothly inward from what I have called the “soft” boundary. I can control the percentage of pattern that is getting reduced (in terms of distance from the soft curve, but have no control over the smoothness. I want to be able to keep control of the distance of the fade. I am trying to achieve a result similar to this, which was posted on another thread:

This is the pattern I am trying to fade in from rebuilt curve:

Fade to occur in highlighted area:

Here is the part of my script where I get stuck:

Model and script:
Fade Pattern Test.3dm (1.8 MB)
Kai - Fade Pattern Lite.gh (246.0 KB)

How about a link to that post?



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I skipped your code and started from scratch, drawing a ‘Soft Boundary’ by hand. I’m not thrilled by the result, the Graph Mapper can be skipped. The sliders in blue groups are significant parameters.

Fade Pattern_2022Oct26a.gh (69.3 KB)

Seems like the holes should be smaller near the edge and bigger toward the middle?

P.S. Same code with circles internalized, no need for Rhino file.
Fade Pattern_2022Oct26ai.gh (276.7 KB)

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This works great, thank you. Unfortunately the hole sizes are not up to me on this project, but I do agree that would create a better gradient transition.