Trying to Fade Triangular Patterns Height to Flat Using Point Attractor and Range

Hello Friends,

I have this pattern that I am trying to fade out to flat starting on one side as raised. Currently the pattern is uniform all the way through. I tried using attractor point and boundary between the amplitude and move. I would like to fade move down to zero on one end of the pattern. Maybe im doing it wrong so I included just the flatt pattern with no attempt at fade, maybe someone here might have some insight. Thanks!triangle fade question (110.4 KB)

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Something like this?

triangle fade question (13.4 KB)

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here’s another way with a graph mapper:
triangle fade question (100.7 KB)

Yes Exactly!

You guys are life savers.
Looks like I was on the right track but didnt place the domains in the right place.